Sometimes you may want to split windows to multiple regions in order to ease for comparison or reference from each other at one glance. Instead of adjusting windows to the size manually, that could probably take some of your valuable time which could be quite frustrating and irritating. Now with MaxTo, it is able to let you displays windows to multiple regions as you defined easily.


MaxTo is a tiny utility that will stay at system tray silently. To split windows to multiple regions, right click the MaxTo tray icon and select Change regions -> Main. You will see there is a window displayed that allows you to split windows to multiple regions as you like. You can choose to either split it horizontally, vertically or even split according to profile list by selecting load profile button. Once you are done with the splitting regions, just click Done button. To split windows according to regions as what you have defined, just maximize any windows (if it is already maximize, then you need to minimize and then maximize it) and MaxTo will intercept the maximize event and move the window to fit inside the region where your mouse cursor is in. One of the great features that worth to be highlighted here includes the support of two different regions configurations, meaning you can have two different type of regions setup. The setup mentioned above is the main setup and will be active all the time. The alternate setup can be configured by right clicking on the tray icon, then choose Change regions -> Alternate. To activate alternate region, just hold Alt key while maximizing the window. If you would like to maximize the window to the entire monitor as usual, just hold Shift key while maximizing the window.

MaxTo is absolutely free to download and it supports all the current versions of Windows XP/Vista/7 (both RC1 and Beta) for both 32 and 64-bit. Consumed less than 200KB of your hard disk space, it is a very useful utility that can improve your daily productivity.