Here’s got a good news for UK’s residents who love WiFi network! The world’s largest chain of fast-food restaurants, McDonald’s has announced a plan to provide free Wi-Fi services across their UK’s 1,200 outlets from 8 October, which the company claims to become the biggest provider of free high-speed wireless Internet access in the country, aiming to further enhance the customer’s experience with McDonald’s.


“The internet is an important part of our daily lives but it is becoming much harder for people to get online for personal use at work, with many companies restricting access and some banning it altogether,” said Amanda Pierce of McDonald’s UK. “With the launch of free Wi-Fi access in McDonald’s restaurants from Monday, we can provide the ultimate work break for UK employees to conveniently access the worldwide web. From the comfort of our restaurants, Brits will be able to come out of hiding and surf freely, for free.” Hopefully, the free services will be available in other countries as soon as possible.