Computer memory or often referred as RAM (Random Access Memory) provides space for computer to read and write data and it can be directly accessed by CPU. Data accessed from RAM is much faster than from hard disk, but data stored in RAM stays there if and only if your computer is still running. As soon as computer is turn off, the data stored in RAM will be flushed and it will be transferred in your relatively bigger size hard disk space. So, RAM is so important that will likely to impact your PC performance and if you wonder how good your RAM is, BenchMem is a portable memory benchmarking tool that is able to provide a high level of cache and RAM performance information at quick glance.


BenchMem is a tiny tool that is able to measure read/write performance of your cache and RAM. Once download the utility, just execute the executable file and it will display the information well categorized under different tabs in graphical format. Cache Speed tab not only shows you the overall performance of your system cache, but it also displays in details such as I-cache (Instruction cache), D-cache (Data cache), L2 cache and many more. If you would like to know your RAM’s read or write performance, then you can refer to it under Read RAM or Write RAM tab respectively.

BenchMem v0.1.4 is absolutely free to download and compatible to run on Windows XP/Vista/7. However, it is written in Russian and so you may see some funny character that need proper character decoding. Nevertheless, you can always refer to graphical view for comparison and good thing is, it doesn’t requires any installation and just run the executable file for immediate use.