Need a quick glance of the detailed information on your hard disk? HD Tune from EFD Software is a free hard disk benchmarking and information tool that can be used to carry out various tests to measure the performance of your hard disk drive. You can use it to measure the transfer rate, access time and burst rate. Besides, the hard disk tuning tool will conduct surface as well as error scan and furnish users with various useful and detailed information of the hard disk such as current temperature, health information (S.M.A.R.T- Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology).

While HD Tune is a free utility tool, EFD has enhanced and extended a few more features in its pay version, HD Tune Pro. Various new features added to this tool include write benchmark, folder usage view, secure erasing, disk monitor, AAM setting, command line parameters and file benchmark. The HD Tune Pro also can be used to conduct PC’s performance test.
EFD Software has recently upgraded and released both HD Tune and HD Tune Pro respectively. Users who want to try HD Tune to analyze their hard disk performance can download the tool via the link here:
HD Tune 2.55 (Free Version)
HD Tune Pro 3.50 (Pay Version)