We normally like to create shortcuts at desktop or start program list for quick accessing. But have you ever thought of how to create and access shortcuts from system tray? Now there is another utility, named as MedalFolders which offers you another way to store and access your favorite shortcuts of applications, files and folders from system tray.


MedalFolders is a freeware that sits in system tray silently. It is very user-friendly and when using it fo the first time, click on the tray icon will display Open MedalFolders only. Click on it will launch MedalFolders window and at this stage, you can add any files, programs and folders as preferred by just dragging and dropping them to the window. Once completed, click on Done button to save the setting. Now click on the tray icon again, you will notice shortcuts which are added by you will appear on the menu. The menu is very nicely designed with groups well organized. For instances, executable files are grouped under APPLICATIONS section whereas files and folders are grouped under FILES AND FOLDERS section and many more.

Consumes only 1.23MB of your hard disk space, MedalFolders ver is absolutely free for download and is compatible to run on Windows XP/Vista/7.