Believe it or not, a Japanese menswear company has unveiled a new unique design suit which is claimed to be able to prevent Influenza H1N1 infection that has been widely spread and killed thousands of people worldwide. The company, with the name of Haruyama Trading seems to be very sensitive to market requirement and with this new innovative idea, it reduces the life style change needed for all but yet still able to add an additional layer of protection against risk of Swine Flu exposure.

The specially designed suit material has been coated with titanium dioxide, a chemical composite that can react with light and effectively reduce and prevent the virus spread, providing the first level of filtering on top of unnatural look mask or expensive vaccine. Although there is no assurance on how effective this suit can be used to tackle H1N1, but since it has been designed by Japanese company that emphasize much on product quality and information accuracy, there is no harm to try by having additional protection to minimize the infection risk. Good thing is, the suit can sustain its protective ability even after being washed for a few times.

Retailed at around $550, the suit will be on sale by end of this week available in four different colors suitable for business executives or office professionals. However, this may only limited to Japan market since there is quite uncommon to wear formal suit in public place in other geographic area.