Micello has introduced a unique indoor location-based service for mobile devices. With this service, the users can use their mobile phones to access, navigate, and explore those places including convention centers, university campuses, shopping malls and etc. Therefore, the users can extend their navigation into indoors maps after navigate through Maps service like Google Maps for turn-by-turn directions.


To make it better and useful, it is integrated with social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter for bring together all the activity happening inside the building.

“The maps today bring you to the door. We take you inside the place. It’s the last mile, the unchartered territory. We are building the foundation for indoor location based services and creating an eco-system similar to what’s happening in the outdoor space,” said by Ankit Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Micello. “Micello is really all about people, places and events at indoor locations. What’s happening here and who is here now,”

Currently, there have more than 150 indoors maps of shopping malls and college campuses are available in the database. Beside that, Micello is plans to introduce over 5000 places in major metropolitan areas of the United States by end of next year. The Micello application will be available for free download at Apple’s App Store for iPhone users in United States. However, it expected to be available for Blackberry OS, Android, WebOS platforms in the coming months.