Invincible is the tenth and final studio album by the late American singer Michael Jackson during his life time. Invincible was released by Epic Records on October 30, 2001, six years after Jackson’s 1995 double disc studio album HIStory, and is the first featuring all new tracks since Dangerous in 1991. Invincible had been reviewed as good and favorable, although most said the record was too long, at 77:08 minutes in length. Whatever the reviews were, the Invincible album has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

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Complete album of Micheal Jackson’s Invincible can be downloaded from or using the direct download links below.

  1. “Unbreakable” (featuring The Notorious B.I.G.; background vocals by Brandy Norwood): 01_Unbreakable.mp3 [6:26]
  2. “Heartbreaker”: 02_Heartbreaker.mp3 [5:09]
  3. “Invincible”: 03_Invincible.mp3 [4:46]
  4. “Break of Dawn”: 04_Break_Of_Dawn.mp3 [5:32]
  5. “Heaven Can Wait”: 05_Heaven_Can_Wait.mp3 [4:49]
  6. “You Rock My World” (introductory skit featuring Chris Tucker): 06_You_Rock_My_World.mp3 [5:39]
  7. “Butterflies”: 07_Butterflies.mp3 [4:40]
  8. “Speechless”: 08_Speechless.mp3 [3:18]
  9. “2000 Watts” (backing vocals by Teddy Riley): 09_2000_Watts.mp3 [4:24]
  10. “You Are My Life”: 10_You_Are_My_Life.mp3 [4:33]
  11. “Privacy” (guitar solo by Slash): 11_Privacy.mp3 [5:05]
  12. “Don’t Walk Away”: 12_Don_t_Walk_Away.mp3 [4:24]
  13. “Cry” (also titled “Cry (We Can Change the World)”): 13_Cry.mp3 [5:00]
  14. “The Lost Children”: 14_The_Lost_Children.mp3 [4:00]
  15. “Whatever Happens” (guitar by Carlos Santana): 15_Whatever_Happens.mp3 [4:56]
  16. “Threatened” (contains snippets of Rod Serling): 16_Threatened.mp3 [4:18]

Free Michael Jackson Invincible Full Album Tracks MP3