Microsoft has announced its new BlueTrack Technology, which the corporation claims as the world’s most advanced tracking technology, combining the width and power of optical technology with precision of laser tracking for remarkable tracking on more surfaces than ever before. The advanced revolutionary BlueTrack Technology will debut in two new high-end Microsoft mouse models – Microsoft Explorer Mouse and Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse.

According to Microsoft, “The BlueTrack Technology light beam emanating from the bottom of the mouse is more than four times as large as the average laser beam used in today’s mice, enabling the capture of a larger image and offering better reflection of the surface over red light and laser.”

“Research shows that people aren’t sitting at a desk all day, but they’ve gone mobile. In fact, 72 percent of PCs sold are notebook PCs, and consumers need a mouse that can go with them anywhere,” said Mark DePue, platforms engineering manager at Microsoft and co-inventor of BlueTrack Technology. “BlueTrack Technology excels in areas where optical and laser technologies were falling short. Laser mice, for example, have a difficult time working on some common home surfaces, including granite and marble.”

Key Features Of New Microsoft Explorer Mouse and Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse:

  • Microsoft’s proprietary BlueTrack Technology works on more surfaces than both optical and laser mice
  • Works on virtually any surface including granite, carpet, and rough-grain wood
  • Reliable wireless on the go – Microsoft 2.4 GHz wireless and the snap-in mini transceiver delivering a reliable connection with up to 30-foot range
  • Glowing blue light effects are part of Explorer’s noticeable and sophisticated design
  • Sophisticated design and ergonomic comfort
  • Scroll 4 ways for greater efficiency and comfort thanks to the Tilt Wheel Technology

“Laser technology is also sensitive to dust and dirt accumulation during travel, which can lead to poor tracking performance,” said David Bohn, senior engineering architect at Microsoft and BlueTrack Technology co-inventor. “With BlueTrack Technology you can rest easier about where your mouse will or won’t track — it works just about everywhere, just like you.”

The new Microsoft Explorer Mouse (easy recharging with battery status indicator and small charging base) and Explorer Mini Mouse (using 2xAA batteries) with BlueTrack Technology are expected to be available at and Best Buy stores in coming November for about $100 and $80, respectively.

“At Best Buy we offer our customers the latest and greatest in consumer technology,” said Steve Guild, senior merchant, computing peripherals at Best Buy. “We are excited to enter into our relationship with Microsoft BlueTrack Technology, as the products truly map to where our customers are using their computers — everywhere.”