Microsoft Corporation filed two lawsuits against alleged unknown spammers who had been sending many spam advertising debt relief and adult websites to Window Live Hotmail accounts.

The company who is sued by Microsoft, Consumer Solutions Network, operates several Internet domains including,, and Microsoft claimed that this company keeps sending “misleading, deceptive, and unsolicited commercial e-mails advertising debt relief help to Windows Live Hotmail account holders.” The spam mails were sent under subject lines such as “Michelle, accounts over the limit,” or “Robert, Payment not received.”

Spam mails are irritating to every internet user. They not only flood users’ email accounts with rubbish messages but also use their email accounts to duplicate and send out more spam mails to others. Besides Microsoft, companies such as AOL, LLC and Earthlink Inc have also filed lawsuits against these “Spam mail producers”. This is encouraging action and other email account providers should implement the same policies as well.