Microsoft is filing a new patent that is able to monitor employees’ productivity, by examining their metabolism, emotion, physical movement and etc. This enable the corporate management especially those that stays far away from their subordinates’ working locations to remotely monitor their performance without being acknowledged. So, don’t be surprise when your boss questions your performance even though you both rarely meet in the quarters.

This technology was common in the past when it was used to monitor mission critical operations such as those being carried by astronauts, pilots and firefighters. Seems that the usage has been extended to monitor normal office employees that work in front of computer system. The mechanism behind is it utilizes wireless sensors installed in the employees’ computer which linked back to the main server whereby all data are collected and analyzed. Surprisingly, it can detect abnormality in human heart rate, physical movement, body temperatures, facial expression and even brain signals then conclude that the worker is under stress or frustration which impacts its performance.

At this stage, the patent was filed and published. However, it may still need to go through hot debate on privacy intrusion issue before the actual implementation can be realized.