How often do you backup your data stored in Windows Mobile devices? There are various software utilities that can help you backup your personal data, but if you are not truly satisfied with any of them, now you may want to give this free online storage space hosted by Microsoft a try. Named as Microsoft My Phone Beta, it allows users to synchronize information for backup and restore in a well protected storage space at no charge.


The online service is able to store any personal information such as contacts, text messages, appointments, documents, photos and even video clips. Since it is a web based service, users can simply login the My Phone account to access, upload personal data through simple GUI websites with up to 200MB, which is quite sufficient for normal data backup other than huge size video clips. Good thing is, users can even share photos with family members either through email or web services.

This is especially useful in case you lost your mobile devices but intend to restore all the important data at no risk. Compatible with Windows Mobile device 6.0 and above, users can sign up here to use the service once they download and install the client software by browsing to directly from mobile’s web browser.