Nintendo Wii has been getting good traction and becomes the top selling gaming console in high end gaming market. With the popularity of its motion-based games targeted for whole family activities, now seems that other competitors are trying to learn from its success story. Similarly to Microsoft, the giant software company has just introduced a new Motion Sensing Natal Technology that can be incorporated in Windows PC to have the same control capability not only in gaming segments, but also could be extended to other usage model as well.

The main difference between the Natal and Wii technology is that Natal is claimed to be able to utilize any exact device, such as your golf, or tennis racquet for more real interactive gaming experience while Wii will have to stick back to its own replica remote control stick. Besides being used as gaming devices, the usage can also be extended to digital media home in controlling home theater system either to stream movie or run PC programs with only simple hand gestures. Not to be limited by personal use, the Natal technology could be deployed for enterprise environment too

It could be too early to judge if this is going to be another victory for Microsoft but final pricing will be the major determining factor. Anyway, we should expect this to reach consumer market at least one year from now.