Microsoft has released its latest version of its FTP Service for Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 0 (RC0). This new release comes with many new features that help web developers and administrator better in term of publishing and security. The new FTP 7 integrates and works very well with IIS 7.0 and support many new internet standards such as UTF8 and IPv6.

The new FTP server also gives developer the extensibility, making it possible for software vendors to write custom providers for FTP authentication. For instance, Microsoft also uses this extensibility feature to implement two new methods for using non-Windows accounts for FTP authentication for IIS Managers and .NET Membership. Besides, FTP 7 also enhanced the logging support by including all FTP-related traffic, unique tracking for FTP sessions, FTP sub-statuses, additional detail fields in FTP logs, and much more.
The links for the download pages for each of the individual installation packages:
FTP 7 (x86) Installation Package
FTP 7 (x64) Installation Package