The world’s software giant, Microsoft has released its beta version of Silverlight 3 Internet media player at MIX 09 developer and designer conference. The new Slverlight 3 is smaller in size than its Silverlight 2 predecessor, at just 4.4 MB. Beside that, Microsoft also released associated tools for developers including the Software Development Kit (SDK) and various authoring programs.


There are many improvements in the latest Silverlight 3 which include multi-touch application compability, GPU acceleration, 3D support, MP4 and ACC video support. The new navigation page framework has been improved for developer to integrate the player with browser forward and backward buttons. Apart of that, the Silverlight 3 is also capable of running outside the browser, work offline, detect local network and download content to cache memory as well as library caching.

With Silverlight 3, the users also can solve the SEO-related challenges posed by RIAs. By utilizing business objects on the server, together with ASP.NET controls and site maps, users can automatically mirror database-driven RIA content into HTML that is easily indexed by the leading search engines.

Silverlight is also available in Internet Explorer 6 Web browser for Windows Mobile.