vistaanswerAlthough Windows 7 is the talk of town now, Windows Vista users are still living with the glitches and cursing the problems encountered in this operating system. If you are one of the victims having a lot of problems with your Vista, Microsoft is considerate enough to offer you a free platform, Microsoft Vista Answers, to help you answer your questions and resolve your problems.

The working concept is quite similar to Yahoo Answers; Microsoft Vista Answers allows users to post questions related to Windows Vista and get their answers from other users who are willing and able to offer solutions. However, unlike Yahoo Answers, the Microsoft Vista site is regulated by Microsoft staff who filter and block irrelevant questions.

The web service operates on a forum format and topics are categorized into Wireless, Gaming, Privacy, etc. for easy search. There is a side pane which features Top Anwers and Top Microsoft Answers. There are about 1000 links and 3000 posts, relatively low figures, which mean that questions receive a few answers from staff within a short period of time.

Windows Vista users who have been frustrated and angered by the many problems in the operating system can get some of their prayers answered and problems resolved via this platform.