Nowadays some of the high end smart phones are capable enough to handle normal computing besides functioning as a normal mobile phone. Since the trend is moving towards mobile devices enhanced with much more powerful processor, Microsoft has filed a new patent that intends to transform your mobile devices into a PC based system, hoping to promote real desktop computing experience on mobile devices. The patent, with the title of “Smart Interface System for Mobile Communication devices” utilizes a conceptual docking station that can serve as a mean to connect conventional mobile devices to any standard PC peripherals through IO, storage, display and even network interface.


Unlike normal mobile cradle, the smart cradle system will be powered by CPU core and necessary memory with embedded OS (Operating System) running on it that serve as a bridge to handle complicated high speed data and command signals conversion between mobile device and standard PC peripherals. Some of the PC peripherals include keyboard, mouse, printer, router and many more just like what we have in today’s desktop system.

Similar to other patent ideas, there is no confirmation on when will it be implemented or it could be purely a great idea that sits in patent office with no actual implementation plan. Anyway, it helps to innovate on how we think and also indicates the potential product trends in computer world that the giant company may push for in future.