Microsoft kicked off its $300million advertising campaign by launching a new 90 seconds ads cast by its part time worker, Bill Gates and American comedian, Jerry Seinfeld. This high profile ad was aired initially during the NFL kickoff game on NBC and it is also posted on Of course now you can view it in online video sharing platform such as YouTube.

If you have had high expectations in Microsoft’s multimillion advertising campaign, well, probably this new ad might disappoint you. The ad is bad, the message is not clear and overall it is not impressive. Probably the only thing that might appeal to you is Gate’s funny face. If you haven’t watched this add, you can watch it here:

Ad Synopsis

Jerry Seinfeld sizes up Gates’ shoe size (a 10) and ask Gates whether he’s ever tried wearing his clothes in the shower (Bill says “never”) and ultimately asks Gates again whether Microsoft is ever going to come out “with something moist and chewy like cake.” Gates ensures Seinfeld by giving him a wiggle confirming that Microsoft is going to do so. The ad ends with the Windows logo and the phrase “Delicious.”