If you are a Gmail user and would like to have more customization on how its interface looks like, here is a simple Mozilla Firefox extension that can simplify the steps. Named as Minimalist Gmail, it allows users to remove any labels and customize Inbox view so that you can stay more focus on email contents without being distracted by unnecessary advertisements, action buttons and etc.


In order to enable this feature, just download the plug-in and once you have installed it, restart the Firefox web browser and you will notice a tiny menu ‘Minimalist Gmail’ appears at the upper right corner. Click on it will prompt up a menu that allows you to control the Inbox View as well as the overall interface of your mailbox. By ticking/un-ticking on the box besides each item, users can customize it including header, footer, buttons, labels removal, sidebar and even hiding advertisement for a much streamlined interface depending on own preference. Besides, there is a way to toggle the header to be on or off by clicking on the grey arrow at the upper left corner directly.

This could be quite useful especially when you are browsing on a tiny screen nettop and would like to give every inch of your display to useful contents by hiding those unrelated one. Do get a free download here at no cost for immediate use.