Occasionally you may want to create the same directory structure without moving all the files from its original location. Instead of creating them one by one manually followed by files deletion that is prone of error, why not let this tiny utility to handle all for you. Named as Miroirs, it allows users to transfer directory or folder structure with options to either carry all the files resided in its folders/subfolders or only the folders structure.

Once install and launch the utility, users will be brought to a simple interface. Basically there is not many option available and users will able to browse for original folder, known as Template Directory where the original folder structure can be cloned and copied to a new Target location without any users’ intervention. Besides allowing easy folder structure transfer, there are also options for users to choose if they intend to clear target location to give way for the new folder structure completely or not to do so. On top of this, users can specify whether to copy all files from original location to newly created target location and simply tick on the selections will enable respective functions depending on own preference. Once selected, just click on ‘Create’ button and you can expect the process with new folder structure creation within seconds.

Consumed less than 500kB, Miroirs is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and even Windows 7 that can effectively duplicate your folder structure in other drives without yourself going through the hassle. If you merely want to delete folder contents while maintaining folder tree structure, the tip that we mentioned earlier could be a good alternative.