MobaPhoto is a standalone photo suite which is suitable for travelers who need to do some simple photo editing while on the move. This photo suite is only 1.6MB in size. Users can easily fit it on a USB stick and carry it along for simple photo fixing and editing if required. Due to its simplicity, it is also suitable for beginners without much technical know-how.

MobaPhoto features a photo editor which can do basic photo editing work such as cropping, red-eye correction, contrast adjustment, etc. MobaPhoto also features the batch photo editing mode which allows users to do mass resizing and renaming. MobaPhoto comes with a gallery builder feature which allows users to create basic HTML image galleries with thumbnails. But of course this tiny application cannot compare to more advanced desktop photo editing suite in terms of functionality, so do not expect sophisticated functions for fancy photo touch up or editing.

Overall this tiny photo suite is quite limited if users compare it with other complete photo editing packages. However, the features are serviceable and quite sufficient to get some work done. MobaPhoto is compatible with Windows only. The other limitation in this application is it saves all the edited file in JPG format only even though it supports most of the major image formats.

MobaPhoto is a modest and user-friendly photo editing application which users can take everywhere with them.