When viewing 3D images on mobile devices, 3D glasses are an inevitable part of the set-up. These are often cumbersome and restrict the freedom of the user. 3M has come up with a new optical film that does away with the 3D glasses and yet gives users the same quality 3D experience.


How does it work? The 3D optical film goes into the device’s backlight unit and uses two alternate rows of LED lights to sequentially project left and right images into the line of vision. The sequential images are focused on the viewer’s eyes instead of the lenses. What is greater is that the screen brightness and resolution of the original display are not compromised. The technology is smart enough to convert from 3D mode to 2D mode and vice-versa. An LCD panel is required and the device operates at a refresh rate of 120HZ. 3M works on display of up to 9 inches and is ideal for games.