As a huge initiative effort towards greener environment, the European Commission has been working hard in standardizing mobile phone chargers with the hope that these chargers can be cross shared and more importantly allows consumers to reuse some of the existing chargers even when the users have upgraded to a newer phone in the future. Good news now, most of the mobile phone manufacturers in Europe countries have agreed to adopt the new proposal for the benefits of all.

Some of the manufacturers include the famous Nokia, Apple, RIM (Research in Motion), Sony Ericsson and many more with few of them are expected to start offering the universal chargers as early as 2010 timeframe. Although it is only limited to European countries for the start, but the standardization effort may impact as much as 30 different kinds of standard chargers which accommodating for over 400 million mobile phones in European market currently.

The benefits are obvious, just imagine that now you can always get the same types of chargers regardless whether you own multiple mobile devices with different brand and model and more importantly, it will help to conserve the environment by reducing the scrapped charger units significantly whenever users upgrade their new mobile devices.

If the effort is successful, you may no longer able to find the mobile charger that used to be bundled in new mobile phone package since there is no point to push them into market other than as a defective replacement purpose.