Apple iPhone has been getting much traction in mobile industries and one of the main factors is due to its great accelerometer feature that offers a new way to sense users’ interaction without relying on conventional joystick and keypad inputs. According to iSuppli, accelerometer technology will become a new trend with over one third of mobile phones’ manufacturers plan to integrate it by 2010.

Apple Inc is among one of the first mobile devices’ manufacturers that utilize this technology for its powerful smartphones since the first generation of iPhone product. If you have tried iPhones before, you will definitely appreciate it with great users’ experiences and sensitive motion input such as rotational screen view, activating certain features by shaking and many more. To make the function more appealing, some iPhones applications and third party games were developed based on the 3-axis motion sensor so that users can enjoy the games more with simple control mechanism as compared to the past.

Besides, Apple Inc, there are other manufacturers that start to show interest in developing next generation accelerator based moblle devices with Sony Ericsson among the top that has 18 out of its 19 new models utilizing this technology followed by Samsung, LG and etc. With the widely adoption of accelerometers for mobile devices, iSuppli estimates that the sensor modules’ demand will ramp up from existing 460 million to $1.6 billions by 2013.