Mobile phone has become more powerful and is now rapidly replacing laptop as user’s Personal Digital Assistant. It has advantages of size and weight for mobility but at the same time it also raises the concern on how to get protection from lost or stolen. In order to overcome this, Samsung unveiled a new feature known as Mobile Tracker that aides in retrieval of stolen mobile phone.

Just imagine when your phone gets stolen, you will actually receive an auto SMS informing you the phone number of the person who is currently carrying it and help you get it back. This is how it works: The Mobil Tracker feature will send a SMS automatically to a pre-defined number when its SIM card is replaced with a new one. By doing so, the number of the new SIM card and the IMEI number of the lost or stolen will appear in the received SMS, with which the phone can be tracked with the help of a mobile network service provider.

samsung-x5201.jpgOn top of that, the mobile device comes with emergency SMS and privacy lock features. Emergency SMS acts as personal bodyguard and alerts close relatives or friends during user’s emergency situations. It can be activated by pressing the volume key four times repeatedly. Once triggered, it sends emergency SMS to 10 predefined numbers to alert the receivers of the SMS that the user needs help. When they call the user, the mobile will automatically receive their calls, thus enabling the caller to listen to the conversation, without the intruder’s acknowledgment. This innovative idea was first seen in 2-way radio, in which the rescue team is able to react faster and accurately in mission critical environment.

Privacy lock feature allows the user to lock all the files and folders in the phone, thus protecting personal sensitive data, photos and video files from intrusion. Only authorized user will have the access to them, just like accessing sensitive data in the password protected foiders in Personal Computer.

These features were first introduced in Samsung D830 and the company plans to incorporate them to all other new series of mobile phones such as SGH-C140, SGH-X520 and SGH-E250. However, it has no stand-alone module that can be installed in earlier version of Samsung or other brand of phones at this moment.