Generally many car accidents happen mainly due to some form of distraction while driving. Drivers are quite easily distracted by some petty things, e.g. tuning the radio, eating, making phone calls, etc and this could potentially lead to collisions. To prevent such tragedies due to drivers’ carelessness and lack of concentration, Mobileye has rolled out a modern, comprehensive, single camera-based safety solution integrating pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, and vehicle detection into one safety solution for the modern driver, namely Mobileye C2-270.

The camera is fitted behind the car’s windscreen and connected to a display unit within the range of the driver’s view. Once the camera senses danger of a collision, it will emit a warning sound and flash a bright signal which will allow the driver enough time to avoid a crash. A gap of 2.7 seconds can minimize the danger of a fatal collision and possibly save lives. The camera has advanced alert capabilities and acts as the third eye to constantly monitor the road when the vehicle is in motion.