tripchillTraveling, be it for business or pleasure, can be a tiresome and frustrating experience without proper planning and coordination. TripChill is a useful mobile travel assistant site that helps travelers to monitor and coordinate their travel plans. It keeps track of users’ travel itinerary and alert users of itinerary changes such as delays, cancellations, gate changes, inbound aircraft alerts, etc via email or text messaging.

To use this service, users need to sign up with TripChill. Once registered, users can start creating their itinerary with TripChill. The process is pretty simple and user-friendly. Users can create their itinerary by dropping an email to TripChill at once they have received the reservation confirmation from their travel agent, online booking agent, supplier, etc. TripChill will analyze the email and automatically add the travel information to users’ account. Users can review their itinerary and start setting up their notification preference. They can set reminders to alert their friends who are supposed to pick them up from the airport or hotel. The receivers will be notified accordingly if there are changes, e.g. flight delays, trip cancellations, etc. Users can access TripChill via their mobile device and update their travel status. Besides functioning as a monitoring tool, TripChill also allows users to book hotels, make car reservations, monitor flight changes, and even recommend users alternative flight arrangements.

Rest assured that you can have your trips planned right down to the last detail even if you can’t afford a secretary to help you make the arrangements. You can concentrate on getting the most enjoyment out of your trip rather than worrying about the nitty-gritties. TripChill is free for now, but the travel assistant might impose some charges for premium accounts soon.