Ever wonder what kind of specification that your LCD display panel is capable to support? You may able to figure out from some basic information such as maximum screen resolution under Display Properties but in case you are looking for second level detailed information, here is a tiny utility that can assist you. Named as Monitor Asset Manager, it is an easy plug and play utility that can display all your monitor information at one glance.


Once install and launch the tiny utility, without any configuration required, users will be able to view all the monitor information displayed in a simple window based interface. Basically there are few sections that will be displayed, namely Monitor, Color Characteristics, Timing Characteristics, Standard timing supported, Raw EDID base, Display adapter as well as User/computer information. Although some of these information may sound too technical for average users, but for IT personnel, they would definitely appreciate what it can be done by this tiny utility. For instance , corporate users will able to keep track of manufacturer name, product model and also serial number for easy traceability in huge enterprise for inventory checking. Good thing is, besides internal LVDS panel that always built into laptop or notebook machine, it can even be used to check external display panel that connected either through VGA, DVI or HDMI for specification retrieval. Best part is, all the information can be copied to Windows clipboard or save into disk as an SMS-compliant MIF file for compilation.

Monitor Asset Manager is free for personal use and consumed at only 400kB, users can get a download here for immediate use.