If you are having a limited data plan that when you hit more than certain MB data download quota will cost you few bulks extra, then this bandwidth monitoring tool will be very helpful for you. Named as ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter v1.3, it is specially designed to monitor your actual internet usage in particular time frame such as daily or monthly automatically.


Don’t expect it to have fancy feature, the software utility is quite basic and only consists of what is necessary to perform its job. It is very simple to be used and once installed and launched, it will stay in your system tray and monitor the bandwidth usage in background. For the start, you will need to specify which network interfaces (For instances, Wireless Network Connection or Bluetooth LAN Access Server Driver) to monitor. Then, you need to specify the start day of the month to start tracking and in case there is an exceptional day that you want to skip, there is a way to set it accordingly so that it will give you more accurate monitoring and display the results for the day itself or being accumulated for specific months.

Consumed around 101kB of your hard disk space, it is quite a good tool to be installed on your desktop space so that you won’t over spend unnecessarily whenever possible. ShaPlus Bandwidth meter v1.3 is free for download for immediate use.