Have you enjoy playing Monopoly games before? Google has teamed up with the world’s biggest board game manufacturers to create an online version of the popular game of Monopoly. The online Monopoly game is using the Google Maps as a board that enable players to choose from millions of streets around the world to buy.


The online version will be the same except that the players can build skyscrapers and football stadiums apart from the traditional boring houses and hotels. The Chance cards give players the chance to ruin rivals by building prisons, rubbish dumps and sewage works on their streets.

Each player will get three million Monopoly dollars in the beginning game with the price tags of various properties marked. The rules of the game will be mostly same as traditional. The rental is paid automatically each day which ranging from 50,000 dollars for a house to 100 million dollars for a skyscraper. The game is available for free at http://www.monopolycitystreets.com/