RedMere has partnered with Monster to develop the new ultra-thin Monster HDMI cables for optimum performance, which the companies claim as the the world’s thinnest ‘smart’ active HDMI-certified cables, featuring RedMere’s MagnifEye Active chip technology that enables the Monster cables to deliver a new industry-leading 10.2 Gb/s (Gigabit per second) data rate.

“Monster has always delivered cables which match the performance and style of the products they connect, whether it’s a DV camera, a games console or a home theater system,” said Peter Smyth, CEO of RedMere. “Using RedMere’s MagnifEye Active chip technology, Monster is adding intelligence directly into the cable, creating a range of smart cables which use the chip to adapt to the changing conditions in the application. These cables are smaller and lighter, matching the sleek appearance of the CE products they connect.”

“At Monster, we’re committed to giving our customers the widest range of choice in products that offer the best possible performance, quality and reliability,” said Noel Lee, Head Monster at Monster. “RedMere’s active cable is a great addition to our HDMI lineup, and with CE trends today leaning toward miniaturization and total connectivity, RedMere’s MagnifEye design is truly a cutting-edge design that will offer consumers a new level of flexibility, convenience and performance.”