Motorola is going to release an interesting feature on its new mobile series that is able to transform its mobile phone into a portable mini projector. This is after collaboration with Microvision, a global leader in ultra miniature projection display that plans to integrate its miniature projector module into Motorola new mobile phones.
The projector module, known as PicoP is tiny enough to be able to fit into mobile phone without increasing its size significantly. It is said to be able to beam DVD-quality video on a wall, therefore allowing bigger screen display for presentation or movie watching.

Furthermore, the projected screen image is believed to be able to achieve WVGA resolution of 854 X 480 pixels at a diagonal screen measurement of 15 inches. This is really useful for business executives especially for those that need to travel around and do customer presentation without the need to carry a projector on hand.

Just curious how much current it would drain if the user is going to perform the 3G video calls while projecting the image on the wall simultaneously. Although not much information has been disclosed from the collaboration, but I would surprise if it can be powered up by internal battery alone without external adapter as one to two hours wall projection would definitely drain the battery faster than anything else.