Nowadays technology convergence is a trend with more and more features being integrated into a conventional mobile device. Similar to Motorola, a US company that used to be famous for its clamshell mobile phone design has recently unveiled a new ruggedized smartphone device for consumer market. Named as MC9500, it is a Windows mobile based mobile device that can be extended to industrial, military applications besides conventional usages.


MC9500 is being enhanced with various wireless technologies such as EV-DO and HSPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules that can stay connected while on the move. Featured with a 3-megapixel camera module and a standard 3.7-inch 640 X 480 resolution display panel, it allows users to do web browsing with seamless connectivity besides ability to capture and share photos which could be useful just like normal smartphone devices. Besides, it is equipped with hard keyboard that enables one-hand operation for smooth mission critical operation. Since it is preloaded with Windows Mobile Operating System, users can easily find compatible applications regardless of what kind of usage model that requires it. To make it more user-friendly, it is even embedded with accelerometer that can switch screen automatically when users tilt the devices for much convenient operation.

No pricing and availability yet, the device will be powered by huge capacity of 4800mAh battery pack and is definitely suitable for any mission critical operation without the need of recharging while moving around.