By default, the standard way to unlock iPhone is to slide it from left to right following the angle pointing direction. If you think this is too boring and would like to try out something more interesting, a free app from Cydia with the name of ‘Move LockScreen to Unlock’ is one of the options that you can consider.

As the name implies, the free tweak actually changes the way of normally how you unlock your iPhone. As usual, just go to Cydia (assuming that you have jailbreak your iPhone) and under the search tab, type in ‘Move LockScreen to Unlock’ will display the respective app ready for download. Simply download and install followed by a device restart will make it effective. Even though no new icon will appear, but you should be able to find a new setting under ‘Settings’ menu. Basically, not much configuration can be set except the two that can be used to toggle on and off. The first one is to enable/disable the feature and the second one is the ability to hide the unlock slider, which makes the lock screen look slightly different as compared to normal lock screen without the sliding bar. By now, simply tap at any point of the screen and drag it will unlock the screen instantly.

‘Move LockScreen to Unlock’ is free for download and use in Cydia so do try this tweak for a different way of unlocking mechanism on your iPhones.