Firefox users can now download the latest update of Firefox from Mozilla. This latest release Firefox includes patches that fix a number of security and stability issues discovered in Firefox such as web forgery flaw, browsing history and forward navigation stealing and the directory traversal via chrome.

The Mozilla Firefox release notes has summarized all the technical problems fixed as follows: –
• MFSA 2008-11 Web forgery overwrite with div overlay
• MFSA 2008-10 URL token stealing via stylesheet redirect
• MFSA 2008-09 Mishandling of locally-saved plain text files
• MFSA 2008-08 File action dialog tampering
• MFSA 2008-06 Web browsing history and forward navigation stealing
• MFSA 2008-05 Directory traversal via chrome: URI
• MFSA 2008-04 Stored password corruption
• MFSA 2008-03 Privilege escalation, XSS, Remote Code Execution
• MFSA 2008-02 Multiple file input focus stealing vulnerabilities
• MFSA 2008-01 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:

Users can download the update from the Mozilla official site.

Update: Firefox 3.0 Beta 1