There is always a monthly promo coupon code which gives 10% discount off listed price to sign up and subscribe to annual and biannual MozyHome Unlimited and MozyPro Business, such as the coupon code for December and discount code for January. For potential subscriber who feels that 10% discounted price is not good enough, there are more Mozy coupon codes for bigger discount.

Tip: 2GB Free Online Backup – Mozy (aff) for those who wants to test and review Mozy online backup service before committing.

Mozy Promotion Coupon Code – 15% Off MozyHome Unlimited and MozyPro

Use the following coupon code as promotional code when ordering and signed up for two-year (only pay for 21 months as biannual plan already includes 3 months for free), and yearly (only pay for 11 months as annual plan already includes 1 month for free) for additional 15% discount from the subscription fee.

GETMOZY (MozyHome Only)
EBAY15 (MozyHome and MozyPro)
NEXT (MozyHome Only)

The 15% off is on top the free months that giveaway automatically by Mozy upon signing up.

Mozy services available for sign up:

Mozy Unlimited Backup (aff)

MozyPro Business Online Backup (aff)

Mozy also supports Mac OS X in addition to Windows operating. Both is same Mozy Unlimited Backup at $4.95 a month (aff)!