If you are having large Mp3 audio clips but would like to fit them all into space constraint portable media player, then this simple utility may be helpful for you. Named as Mp3Splitter, it is a tiny utility that can help you to split Mp3 audio files and at the same time, it can re-encode them with customizable bitrate, making them suitable to be used as ringing tones creation and other applications.

Once download and execute the utility, users will be brought to a simple GUI. Over here, just go to ‘Settings’ Tab and there are various settings that users can configure. For instances, they can specify the Splitting duration per file (in minutes), enable renaming, enable encoding with different bitrate and sampling size and many more. Then, click on ‘Mp3 files’ tab to browse and add in the desired MP3 files to be split or modified by browsing to the specific directory and you are almost done. In order to maintain the original source file, users can create the output directories with renaming it to standard format such as 001-100.mp3, 002-100.mp3 and so on. Clicking on ‘Start splitting’ will execute the function to split and encode the audio clips according to own preference.

Consumed at less than 600kB, Mp3Splitter can be downloaded here and it is suitable to run in any Windows Operating System to make your Mp3 files fitted well to different needs.