You may have seen some notebook designs with convertible dual screen and when the top screen being flipped, a touch screen on reversed side will surface that able to transform the whole notebook into tablet PC which could be flexible and useful for those that prefers to tap or touch on screen directly as a replacement of conventional hard keyboard. However, the recent prototype disclosed by MSI may slightly change this hybrid design and instead of rotating its LCD display, the new concept focuses on its keyboard base and by simply flipping the keyboard by 180-degree, users will able to utilize its trackpad which was hidden underneath in normal configuration.

Named as SketchBook, it is still in early concept definition stage but recently its physical design was disclosed by MSI and spotted at an event in Amsterdam. While it looks not much different from conventional notebook at first glance, but when its keyboard base was flipped over, a trackpad will appear and users can input or sketch anything using its bundled stylus, just like what can be done on a paper. The targeted market segment could be either professional artists (if the screen size is not a concern) or children educational purpose (if the pricing is affordable) or for those that prefers hand writing or sketching more than keyboard typing.

Since this is still in early conceptual phase so no pricing information yet and don’t expect it to reach consumer market soon. And one inconvenience that we realized is that unlike rotatable tablets that you can change the view without lifting the whole machine from your desk, the Sketchbook concept may require some extra effort in order to lift its keyboard base before ability to turn it.