Update: Blog posting will continue at My Digital Life from June 2008.

My Digital Life wishes to announce that updates for My Digital Life blog will be moved to Tip and Trick (www.tipandtrick.net). The main reason of the move is the decision by Google AdSense to remove uninstrusive ads from the site for running counter to AdSense program policies. Google AdSense ads is main advertising network that My Digital Life uses to reward co-authors of the blog based on revenue sharing modal (if you’re interested to contribute to the blog, contact us), besides paying for high cost of web hosting and bandwidth.

As a result, all future blog postings will be shifted to new domain, which is at tipandtrick.net. However, the existing blog of mydigitallife.info will continue to exists and comments posting by viewers are most welcomed. Likewise, My Digital Life Forums which will continue to be active. For those who has subscribed to feed and email updates, the services will continue, and will automatically reflect new articles at Tip and Trick. And, there is no change needed on your part too.

Tip and Trick hopes to provide informative, interesting and state-of-the-art articles, besides focusing on updates of gadgets that will improve lives. We sincerely hope for readers’ continuous support and enjoyment.

Visit Tip and Trick now.