MySpace blocked by your school? More and more schools and libraries are restricting, blocking and cracking down on access to online social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Xanga, and chat rooms. The purpose of the restrict or block access to file-sharing, instant messaging, social networking or email sites such as Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Gmail or websites contain undesirable material, websites are vary, but none other than hoping youths will spend time in more productive way and helping to protect children and kids from online sexual predators. However, users can still access MySpace and other blocked sites via web proxy circumventor or bypass firewall, as most blocking are done by content filtering the site’s domain URL (e.g. or IP address on outgoing traffic packet.

There are a few ways to bypass the MySpace or block sites domain block filter and get the access to the site, depending on how system administrator configured the network routers or system to block and restrict access to MySpace.

Try alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox and Opera

The easiest way to try if it’s possible bypass blocking of MySpace is to use an alternative web browser such as Mozilla Firefox and Opera. This hack will work if system administrators apply the contents URL filtering and blocking via Internet Explorer settings of Group Policy, which works only on Internet Explorer browsers. Thus, Firefox and Opera are not affected by the restrictions that applied via Group Policy and the access to MySpace or other blocked sites are granted.

Other bypassing MySpace blocking methods involve using a proxy or proxy server or anonymiser or Internet privacy tool or private web-surfing server, which has all the while popular in bypassing censorship and other content filtering and blocking by firewall or routers, while protecting the privacy of online browsing by eliminating the trace. When you’re using a proxy server, the computer establishes the connection to the proxy instead of destination website, and thus filtering or blocking firewall or router will only see the connection from and to proxy. The proxy server, anonymous or transparent, then connect to the destination website such as Myspace or Hotmail, Friendster, Hi5, etc and retrieve the requested page, which will then redirect and send the data back to you. The proxy can be used on various network services such as FTP, HTTPS, SOCKS and etc, but for anti blocking of MySpace, HTTP proxy service is good to fool the packet filtering device or blocking system.

Online Web-based Proxies (Anonymous Proxy Server)

Web-based proxy server allows user to just type in an URL (such as on a web page and all connections and traffic to and from the destination URL will be redirected via the proxy, making as it the traffic is originating from the proxy itself, thus circumventing the domain based URL filtering blocking system. The list of such web based proxy servers include:

Most of the web based proxy is free, although some has fee-based features that need to pay to gain access to those features. Some proxy has been blocked too, but keep trying for the one that works. By using the web proxy or anonymizer, MySpace users can browse the MySpace website, profiles, login to MySpace, posting comments and blogs and other activities. One thing of note is that there are PHP and CGI-based proxy, and to be able to login properly to MySpace or Gmail or other services, you may need to use CGI proxy.

Note: Sometimes, use the IP address of the proxy (i.e., can be retrieved by ping the URL from command prompt or ping from third-party websites such as DNSStuff) will work instead of using the domain name.

The list of web proxy and anonymiser is growing all the times, as more and more is been setup to take advantage of ads revenue and growing need of such proxy services to bypass the network restricted access to various sites. Feel free to add more in the comments.

Web Accelerator

A web accelerator is a proxy server that reduces web site access times. Web accelerator is actually very similar to web proxy, except that they have additional functionality of speed up Internet connection and saving user traffic. (Download and install required)

Language Translation Tools

It’s also possible to parse MySpace and other block websites thru language translation tool and let these tool served you the translated page of MySpace, hence duping network packet filtering and blocking system. However, the effect won’t be good, although most intelligent translator will know that the page is already in English, and won’t done any translation on it.

Mobile or PDA WAP-compatible Mobile Sites Translator/Converter

These sites or services are meant to translate or convert or reformat the normal HTML web pages to WAP-compatible web pages for viewing on mobile phone or PDA web browser. But you can still try to use it to access blocked contents, provided you don’t mind the distorted or garbled pages.

Open HTTP Proxy Server

This method to bypass MySpace blocking and access MySpace is not as easy as above method, as it involves changing of network settings in the web browser in order to activate the usage of HTTP proxy server when browse the Internet. First of all, you need to get a working proxy server IP address, which is easily searchable from Google search engine. There is a lot of open anonymous and transparent proxy servers that are available for free usage. Then you need to set up proxy server in your web browser.

For Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options, then click on Connections tab. Select the LAN settings button. Under the Proxy server section, click the “Use a proxy server for your LAN”, and then key in the proxy server IP address and port in the respective fields. Click OK when done.

For Mozilla Firefox, go to Tools -> Options, and click on Advanced. Under the Network section, click on Settings… button. Select the Manual proxy configuration, then key in the proxy server IP address and port information at the HTTP Proxy fields. If you want, you can optionally “select the Use this proxy server for all protocols”. Click OK when done.

Get Pass, Bypass, Disable or Remove RM SafetyNet Plus

RM SafetyNet Plus is the Internet filtering service and educational blocking and filtering service that is popular in schools, libraries, LEAs, Councils and Grids as a means of controlling Internet access. When you try to access blocked contents or websites, or when try to download files with unallowed extension, users will be denied access with warning pop-up messages.

To bypass and get passed the RM SafetyNet Internet content blocker, try to RM-Passer.

Create Your Own Proxy Server at Home PC or Web Hosting Server

This is the difficult way to access MySpace, Bebo, Facebook or other block or banned sites, and it’s the most likely way to works to bypass the filtering and blocking of firewall of network if the administrator has getting smart to block access to proxy server sites too, as this private proxy server is set up by yourself and known by you yourself only, unless you blow it away.

Once you get a web server, install a proxy on the website. There are a lot of proxy server program available, such as PHPproxy and CGIproxy that can be installed to set up a proxy server. You will need to install Apache and PHP or CGI on your web server too to run as proxy. You may also want to setup a domain name for your proxy for easy remembrance, or you can always use the IP address to access it. If you’re using home based PC as proxy server, remember that IP address may not be static, so you can use dynamic DNS service to set up a domain name which will point to your correct dynamic IP address when changed, with service such DynDNS and No-IP.

Note: Try not to use and remove all instances of the word “proxy” as it may be “blacklist word” by firewalls.