There is much effort being spent on the development to automate wiper operation during snow or raining day. However, have you ever wonder on how to improve the windshield glass fabrication process that can help keeping the view all day clear without being affected by bad weather? An Italian designer, known as Leonardo Fioravanti has moved a step further to develop a prototype vehicle that doesn’t require wipers since it can clean up the screen automatically.


The mechanism behind is four intelligent layers that work side by side to accelerate the cleaning process. The first, and also the top layer which made up of titanium dioxide is responsible to repel water to keep the external surface clean. At the same time, the second layer which uses nanotechnology will help to push dirt to the edge with the assistance of sensors embedded in the third layer. Lastly, the fourth layer will ensure sufficient current being delivered to the windscreen for proper operation. Combined with the aerodynamic structure design of the vehicle, it is able to clear away any dust or water on the surface in any kind of bad weather situation.

Although the development is still in very initial stage, it is believed to be productized within 5 years time. So, not to be surprise that you will not be able to find any wiper in future vehicles since it will be redundant.