Digital Signage is being used extensively to display advertisements especially in Japan market. While the trend continues to push for larger display and higher resolution with enhanced 3D graphics, now there is also tendency to integrate some advanced technologies to make the whole system even smarter than before. One of the good examples is the newly launched facial recognition technology by NEC, the famous Japanese manufacturer. Named as Eye Flavor, it will able to differentiate visitors by their genders, age and display those advertisements that fit well to the crowd and eventually make the whole advertisement effort more effective.

The technology utilizes a camera module that is embedded onto the LCD display to capture visitors’ images and these data will be streamed to central unit which is enhanced with intelligent facial recognition software for analysis. Besides displaying the right advertisement for respective targeted crowds, Eye Flavor system can also analyze and ‘sense’ the visitors’ impression to determine if they are really interested on any particular advertisement at any specific time frame.

NEC had already conducted trial run at Granduo shopping complex at Tachikawa since last October for 21 days and so far the response looks pretty positive. The system featured with Eye Flavor technology is currently available at $20k in Japan market only and it is claimed that the facial recognition method will only work for Japanese first and will probably be enhanced and deployed to other regions in short future.