If you are always accessing websites using public computer, you may not aware that your keystrokes could have been logged by keylogger program and some confidential data such as password, credit card number and etc may be misused by third party without your knowledge. Although you may able to use the Windows on-screen keyboard instead of hardware keyboard for password typing but still it doesn’t ensure your confidential data is secured and that is how this tiny utility comes handy in. Named as Neo’s SafeKeys, it helps to prevent your keystrokes from being captured by keylogger program regardless of where you are while using computer in public place.


Basically there are three Mouse modes namely Standard, Hover entry or Hidden Mouse and Hover entry that users can select for different levels of security. When in hidden mouse and hover entry, your mouse will turn into a grey dot with intention to fool malicious screen capture programs as well as peeing eyes. It may sound inconvenience for the start as you can hardly see the cursor move but once you get used to it, you will appreciate its functionality. Besides Mouse mode, there is an option to use Keyboard mode and under this mode, users can select to either scramble just the on-screen keys or scramble both the on-screen keys and keyboard input at the same time. Also, it can be changed to Dvorak layout to fool mouse loggers and screenloggers with different key buttons position for double security protection.

Consumed at only 400kB, users can get a free download for installer version here or portable version here for immediate use in Windows Operating Systems especially in shared PC environment.