You may aware that netbook market is growing dramatically but you may not aware on the actual fact that the expanding rate is almost twice as much as those experienced by conventional notebook in today’s PC market. Based on the recent DisplaySearch’s quarterly notebook PC shipment and forecast analysis report, it actually shows that the newly defined netbook market has been growing at a rate of 40 percent from winter to spring this year as compared to conventional notebook stuck at 22 percent growing rate.

Currently netbook has occupied more than 22.2 percent of the whole mobile computing market including notebook and tablet PC and out of these numbers, the majority of market share fall in Asia, China and Latin America which contributes to the highest growth rate among other geographical area. Obviously, low cost and affordable pricing strategy play an important role especially in some developing countries that still not being saturated with mobile computing which always come in higher cost. Besides, subsidy from service provider especially on those netbook series that are equipped with 3G network capability would definitely help to push more units to consumer space.

However, one concern that always troubles chip and board makers would be on how to balance up and differentiate well between netbook and notebook models especially in view of current netbook specifications are trending towards better graphics, higher resolution display and bigger panel size so that it will not cannibalize existing notebook market share with higher profit margin.