Good news for Intel based Mac users now! Netflix has just announced the availability of its online movie streaming services to Intel-based Apple Macintosh OS machine, which was once unable to enjoy the benefits of online rental movie and streaming service. The service, named as Watch Instantly featured with Microsoft Silverlight will offer limited titles of online movies for the start, and eventually plan to deliver more than 12,000 online movies by end of this month.

There used to be some technical barriers that prevent online movie services to be available on Macs system. One of them is on the DRM (Digital Right Management) that was not ready with Mac OS based PC and seems that Netflix has managed to work it out in viewing of more and more Intel Macs based users in this competative market space. Watch Instantly is a new streaming technology based on Microsoft’s Silverlight that is enhanced with Play Ready DRM to deliver dynamic streaming capability with higher quality video for instant viewing pleasure in digital home.

Currently the available movie collections are varies based on users’ subscription plans. With a subscription plan at $8.99, users are entitled to download unlimited titles with the commitment from Netflix that the titles collection will be increased from time to time.