Game players who are sick of the pop-up ads and other browser clutter on many free game sites now have a better option to get away on all these! Tiger Electronics, a division of Hasbro has introduced the Net Jet instant-play online game system, another new approach to online games.

Hasbro’s NetJet System combines a game controller with collection of game keys. The game keys do not store the games, but merely provide access to them through a special full-screen browser when they are inserted in a port on the controller. Each game key launches one “Feature” game and gives players the ability to add three additional “choice” games.

To start off your Net Jet, just plug your game controller into your computer’s USB port. It is automatically recognized as a new device. After installing the software, press the “Start” button to start up the NetJet Browser. Net Jet allows players to choose from a broad mix of games across multiple genres that include original Hasbro properties as well as exclusively licensed versions of popular games from other online destinations.

Priced at $24.99, the NET JET package will come with a demo key that features 15 minutes of play for each of the 10 Feature games. Full Feature game keys will carry an approximate retail price of $14.99 with the ability to add another three Choice games to each key upon launching the NET JET system.

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