Tired of changing your laptop IP address while moving from office to home or when traveling around? Or even more frequent when you are setting up in the lab that required to change the laptop network configuration. Here is a simple solution for you.

You can pre-configure 6 different sets of IP address, DNS server, domain, workgroup and etc and apply it to your laptop in seconds by using a tool called Network Settings Manager Professional or NetSetMan Pro in short. I found it to be so simple but useful in my daily work. Furthermore, it is a freeware that you can download online easily.

I used to change my laptop network configuration quite often especially when doing my lab work. And with these pre-configured settings, I managed to save time, at least 80% more efficient and more importantly, eliminate the human typo error when and every time I need to change it.

NetSetMan is a freeware for non-commercial use and there is a way to upgrade it to NetSetMan Pro for commercial use. In the Pro version, the subscriber has unlimited of profiles that he can create, though I believe 6 profiles are more than sufficient for most of the users.

This freeware only occupies 1.1M for installation and is supported by most of the Window OS ranging from Win XP, Win 2000, Win 2003 and Window Vista (in beta version). Try it out yourself by downloading it at http://www.netsetman.com/