One of the high-end developer of videogame hardware, mLani Studios has introduced its new advanced wireless PS3 controller – mLani MoBi, which the company claims as the world’s first universal cross-platform FPS tool for PS3 and PC gaming thanks to its extra buttons and left hand control for WASD, featuring right-hand 2000 DPI, 500Hz refresh rate low-lag laser mouse for targeting prey and left-hand grip for full motion control.


“We are pleased we were able to embed our high-quality standards into a product that not only maximizes a gamer’s experience but actually improves the gamer’s score over traditional PS3 solid controllers,” said Mr. Tetterington of mLani. “Re-sellers, licensors and retailers are encouraged to contact us quickly, as demand is expected to exceed all previous third-party controller sales. Retail meetings are now underway for the scheduled roll-out in the third week of May.”

The new patented split-grip mLani MoBi advanced controller will come bundled with PC software that allows users to adjust or reprogram any button, but no words on its price and availability yet.

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