Now with more and more features being integrated into mobile phones, you won’t be surprised to hear any new usage of how consumers utilize their mobile devices while on the move. Just recently, a group of engineering students from Duke University has just developed a useful mobile phone application that can let users writing notes in the air and those movement can be tracked and translated into meaningful notes stored in mobile device.

The mechanism behind is it is based on intelligent accelerometers that are built into mobile device that able to recognize mobile phone’s movement while swinging in the air. It is kind of similar to what can be achieved by existing mobile phone with accelerator that can be used to lock/unlock or activate certain functions by simply shaking or moving the device. But obviously this new application is more complicated either in recognition algorithm or the sensors’ sensitivity that able to capture precise gesture movement and convert to meaningful short message or diagram by just drawing in the air. All these notes can even be sent to any email address for reference which could be quite useful for various applications.

No date of availability yet, but this is definitely an innovative way of how people can utilize their mobile devices on top of common functionality available in today’s mobile world.