raxioRoxio has recently announced its lightweight disc-burning tool, Roxio Burn, target particularly for Windows 7 users. This intelligently styled application simplifies the conventional ways of disc burning processes into a few simple steps. With Roxio Burn installed, users will be prompted a Roxio Burn desktop icon whenever users insert a blank disc into the optical disc. If users need to burn a file, users just need to drag the file on top of the Roxio Burn desktop icon and thence click the “Burn” button to start the burning process. Via this disc burning application, files burning can just be done within a few seconds. In case users want to burn large files, the smart Roxio Burn can also automatically span the files across multiple discs.

“Roxio Burn is part of a new generation of applications and services from Roxio that are the result of a design-led development initiative”, Roxio highlighted in its press release. This interesting and user friendly burning tool will be useful for those who need to do a lot of disc burning. Roxio Burn is not available for downloading at this point of time. According to Roxio, this unique burning tool is only expected to be available shortly on Windows 7 and Vista PCs from major manufacturers. It sounds like the application will only be available for those new Windows 7 PCs.